Since 1964, Dr. Curtis and Ann Long have been breeding Angus cattle. “Doc” joined the American Angus Association in 1967 and the Missouri Angus Association in 1974, serving as its president from 2001-2002. Briarwood Angus Farms encompasses over 1,900 acres, with 320 acres native prairie, 150 cropland and 1,500 in permanent pasture. Original genetics that formed the base of the herd came from the Wye Plantation before AI was ever popular. Below is a sample of some of the progressively moderate and broody females from the 1970’s and a photo of the first herd sire, Pastor of Wye.




Today, genetics are still highly selected for functional, good milking cattle that calve easily, without forsaking  growth.

Briarwood runs a 220 registered cow herd in the heart of the Midwest where the cattle are conditioned to endure a variety of seasonal elements.

Each spring the Longs sell approximately 50 bulls and 40 female lots during Briarwood’s Annual Sale. Throughout the farm’s history, BWF has worked to produce cattle that work well for the commercial man.


Two examples include our top selling lots from 2016 and 2017.

In 2016, the overall top selling lot came from Briarwood’s female offering with a fancy yearling destined for greatness at Vandiver Angus in Richmond, Mo. Briarwood Buena Ann 5022 possesses the balanced package of eye appeal and performance representative of the SydGen Buena cow family made famous at Sydenstricker Genetics and now being utilized heavily in the Briarwood program. Her sire is the popular Sitz Top Game. Ranking in the top 1% for $F and RADG, 2% for $B and YW, 10% for WW and MILK, and 20% for $W, Buena Ann has the potential to be an outstanding show and donor prospect.

The top selling lot in 2017 was a January 2016 bull, Briarwood Top Game 6013, going for $9000. A son of Sitz Top Game 561X, this calf ranks in the top 1% for YW and $F, 2% for RE and Milk, 3% for $B, and 10% for CW, and is possibly one of the best bulls ever sold at Briarwood Farms. His dam is Briarwood Ruth 8125, a homegrown daughter by SS Objective T510 0T26. Stout, sound and attractive, 6013 is sure to do a great job at his new home at Turner Farms in Belgrade, Mo.

Briarwood Buena Ann 5022
Briarwood Top Game 6013

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